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Arrangements - For companies

pic_Lieven3w.jpgFor companies studio E has a vast offer.

Company Song
You are a dynamic and ambitious company and wish to express this in a company song. A manner to underline the team-spirit in your company, but also a manner to make your product or company name famous in a playful manner.

We compose music for you and write with you a text which reflects the philosophy and the strength of your company. Afterwards we record the song in the studio, this is possible also with the employees of your company as a musician or singer.

Your personalized telephone call centre
Are you also tired of that tune your customers hear when they are waiting to be connected? Then we can compose a melody exclusively for you or even a song to entertain the waiting customers.

Do you want your automated messages to be recorded by professional voices with your personalized text? Or do you prefer your own secretary to record the messages with our professional equipment? It is possible!

Your presentation with verve
Have you got a presentation to make? A show of your products, the structure of your company or the presentation of your company figures? It can live up to its promises with background music or a voice presenting the slides or movie. These audio files can be recorded at our facility. The voice can be yours or we can appoint a talent to do this. The music is originally composed for you.

Your website sounds good!
You want something extra for your website? We compose a original piece of music to lighten up your website. The music will be recorded in our studio and delivered as CD, MD, MP3, WAV or whatever.

Price : on demand

Studio-e Music Productions


Studio E Music Productions is a small recording studio with high quality material situated in Belgium: this guarantees a high music quality result for a low price. Powered by solar energy.

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