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Arrangements - Rental Service

Do you wish to make your own recordings and do you need some recording equipment? We rent instruments to help you make your own recordings. The musical instruments rental service can also help you in critical situations where one of your instruments or amplifiers broke down. Or maybe you just want to freak out one afternoon on a guitar, bass or synthesizer: we have the right equipment for you.

(rates excl. VAT)

  Day rate
IBANEZ Sound Wave 65 bass Amp10,00 EUR
MARSHALL G30R CD guitar amp10,00 EUR
FENDER Frontman 25R guitar amp10,00 EUR
ALESIS RA100 power amp10,00 EUR
KORG MS10 analog synthesizer50,00 EUR
YAMAHA RBX270 bassguitar + stand + cable15,00 EUR
EPIPHONE Les Paul Special II guitar + stand + cable10,00 EUR
BOSE 802 1 pce + processor15,00 EUR
Signal processors 
TECHNICS SH-8044 Equalizer10,00 EUR
FOCUSRITE COMPOUNDER stereo compressor/gate10,00 EUR
BEHRINGER XR2400 Autoquad (4x noise gate)10,00 EUR
SOUNDCRAFT Spirit Folio 12ch. Mixer20,00 EUR
SOUNDCRAFT Spirit Live 16ch. Mixer30,00 EUR
YAMAHA MZ104 mic. + stand + cable5,00 EUR
SENNHEISER MD421 II mic. + stand + cable5,00 EUR
SHURE Beta58 mic. + stand + cable5,00 EUR
SHURE SM57 mic. + stand + cable5,00 EUR
AKG C1000S mic. + stand + cable5,00 EUR
AKG D112 mic. + stand + cable5,00 EUR
ROLAND VS1680 + CD writer (16 track harddisk recorder)100,00 EUR
Guitarstand2,00 EUR
Musicstand2,00 EUR
SENNHEISER HD 201 Headphone2,00 EUR

Studio-e Music Productions


Studio E Music Productions is a small recording studio with high quality material situated in Belgium: this guarantees a high music quality result for a low price. Powered by solar energy.

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