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Arrangements - Mobile studio

pic_Lieven3w.jpgYou are booked for a great gig and wishes to put it on CD. We take or studio with us and register your performance on multitrack. Afterwards we can edit, mix and master your concert in the studio. Finally you'll have your live-performance on CD. Your gig will never be forgotten.

You are rehearsing with your band and wants to see clear and have a decent recording of your set. We come to your rehearsal place with our multitrack recorder, when necessary we can record overdubs in the studio. The mixing and mastering will be done in the studio. This way you'll get a better idea of what you are doing with your band. It gets even better, put the result on CD to get the meaning of family and friends. You can also use the CD to convince managers, record companies and booking agencies.

Price : on demand

Studio-e Music Productions


Studio E Music Productions is a small recording studio with high quality material situated in Belgium: this guarantees a high music quality result for a low price. Powered by solar energy.

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